Blog# 8 Pagliya Malam (Specialist Heel Care Cream)

20 Sep, 2018 Post by admin

"Easiest way to get rid of crack heel, Apply "Pagliya Malam" and nourish your smooth & gentle skin with essential cocum oil." 
Pagliya Malam Crack Heel Repair (Specialist Heel Care Cream) is an Antiseptic Ointment which helps to cure cracked heels Naturally and consists Cocum Oil which provides nourishment to the skin. Useful for cracks on heals, foot toes, hands, skin due to cold wrinkled and chapped burning sensation in palms and soles, itches, dryness of the skin weeping or dry skin diseases cut wounds, athletes foot etc.This medicine is known for its quality and effectiveness.  One of the best selling product of our company, which has helped many of our customers to repair their crack heel and gives nourishment to the skin and helps to make its smooth and gentle within few days of application you can see the difference!!!  For more information regarding the product you can visit our website and click on the crack heel repair section in category and find the details of Pagliya Malam.

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