Blog -6 (Panchaveer Suspension - Digestive)

17 Aug, 2018 Post by admin

"A Good digestion, is the path for a good & healthy lifestyle". Today in this World were we all are running behind success, money, work we often forget one think which is our health!!"

We all get up early in the morning have our breakfast and go for our work and eat our lunch and dinner at respective times when we are free. we always forget the fact that after eating its important for the food to get digested well. The most common issue that nowadays most of us face is "Acidity" but we ignore it by just taking a medicine. But at the end of the day we need to realize. We can't consume too many medicines as they are not good for our liver. "Panchaveer Suspension" an 100% Ayurvedic medicine which contains natural herbs like Audumbar Chhaal, Dhamas  Panchang, Kalmegh Panchang, Neemchal, Hardechal, Behdachal, Amalkiphal, Kadupatol Panchang, Adulsa Patra, Gulvel Panchang, Pittapapdo Pachang, Shauktik Bhasma, Kapardika Bhasma, Muktha Shukti Bhasma, Khus Mool, Phudina Phool etc.which will help you to maintain your digestion well. It helps you to treat acidity, gas trouble, Naousea etc. Being an ayurvedic medicine its is completely safe and has no side effects!!!! You can know about this product more on our official webpage "" or on our facebook page "Ayurvedic Healing". You can purchase this product in your nearby medical shop or Ayurvedic shops too, you can purchase this product online on our official webpage and avail get offers !!!

"A week digestion is the key which leads to various other problems in our body in future"

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