Blog #5 (M- Orthoveer Oil- Power Pain Reliever)

30 Jul, 2018 Post by admin

This days the most frequently occuring pain i.e Joint Pain, Body Pain, Muscular Pain etc. This kind of pain is seen in all of us. People who are old, people those who play a lot & even in athletes. M- Orthoveer Oil an 100 % Ayurvedic medicine which helps to give relief from Muscular pain, joint pain, Back pain and body pain etc. It consists of Methi & Ashwagandha which are proven to give quick relief from pain within the muscles. The various other remedies like Til Oil, Maha narayan oil are also a part of its composition( formulation). M- Orthoveer Oil should be applied in the affected area's and massaged for 15 mins (gently). On constant application for 2-3 days you will find the result. This medicine has been known for its effectiveness and Quality!!!

"Pain can be Endured and Defeated only if it is confronted. Denied or feared, it grows".

Well quoted by a famous author.  As prevention is always better than cure, we should not wait until the last stages of pain, which we eventually can"t bear and then we need to visit the doctors!!! Cure your pain in the early stages itself by using M- Orthoveer Oil an Ayurvedic Pain reliever Oil.

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