Blog # 4 (Knowledge over Ayurvedic Medicine)

16 Jul, 2018 Post by admin

Ayurveda "Ayur" is Life, "Veda" means Knowledge. Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and how to live it to its full potential body, mind and spirit. It is connection to the consious universe. We arose from and a life in balance with it.

Actually today lets not discuss about the detail of any product!Lets increase our knowledge in general regarding the ayurvedic Herbs & Medicines. What are the benefits if ayurvedic herbs and why do we so much focus on ayurvedic medicine? Why do i always write as Ayurvedic medicines are safe! Ayurvedic Medicine are mainly prepared from Plant herbs which are obtained naturally from Nature.Using Ayurvedic Medicine in your day to day life helps you to maintain the co- ordination or a balance between the mind, physical and emotional strength of our body. It helps in detoxification and focuses on removal of toxic substance out of your body. Although we know that ayurvedic medicines require time to heal or cure our diseases, but they cure the disease or kills the bacteria responsible for that disease from within and gives a prolong or permanent relief from the disease or helps to maintain the body. Ayurvedic medicines are found to be more effective and helps to cure the disease faster if we do Yoga, Walk for some time and keep our soul & mind stress free !!!! While consuming Ayurvedic medicines if you do yoga then you are keeping your soul, mind and body fit and stress free at the same time, while you consume natural herbs it boosts your immune system hence ayurvedic medicine are proven to be safer and has various advantages over other medicines. Dont Forget to write a Review down !!!!

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