Blog #2 (Triple Action Formula to fight against cough & cold)

21 Jun, 2018 Post by admin

"Haldikuf Syrup - Triple Action Formula to fight against Cough & Cold"

Haldikuf Syrup consists of all the natural herbs present in other ayurvedic cough syrup for treating cough & cold but additional to that it also consists of Haldi (Turmeric). Haldi has been anti – inflammatory in action, and has been used in various types to cure diseases. The antibacterial and anti-viral action of turmeric makes it the best remedy to treat cough and cold naturally. The anti-inflammatory action of curcumin aids in relieving the chest congestion that develops in people suffering with chronic cough. As its sweet to taste the syrup can be consumed by children's too easily. Haldikuf syrup is an triple action formula which consists of HALDI + TULSI + ADULSA, which helps to cure cough and cold in a better manner.

Benefits of Haldikuf Syrup :

  1. Gives relief from sore throat
  2. Gives relief from Stuffy Nose
  3. Helps to cure cough bronchitis
  4. Helps to cure cough & cold
  5. Reduces Chest congestion
Being an Ayurvedic medicine its completely alcohol free and helps to cure all the problems related to cough & cold.

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