Ayurveda is as old as ancient civilization, The meaning of the word Ayurveda basically understood as the science of life, as Ayuh stands for Life and veda means Science. It has been evoked to give a happy life, through the deep knowledge, and understanding of creation and nourishment given by our rishi’s of ancient india. Ayurveda is more than just treating or curing the diseases it teaches us the right way of living the life.

Ayurveda teaches that a person physical, emotional as well as mental strength are all interconnected with each other and any imbalance or change in any of the above state can lead to health disorder or diseases.

The basic functions of Ayurveda are :-

  1. To protect life and to give a healthly and prolonged life.
  2. To eliminate the disorders and the diseases out from the body.

In olden days when people used to live close to the nature and whenever they were injured or been exposed to a disease, they used to cure themselves through various leaves of the plants or by using the natural resources which were obtained freely by our Mother Nature.


Principles of Ayurveda :

The five elements or natural resources which are freely available in the nature i.e Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether are represented in human being as three engeries or Doshas. They are further classified as Vatha (which is a combination of Air and Ether), Kapha (Combination of water and Earth) and Pitta ( means water).

According to the World Health Organization the definition of health is described as

“Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Vatta and its importance :

It controls the complete process or the activities of a human being carried out in a day to day basis. From controlling the flow of blood in the body till the elimination process i.e till the elimination of the harmful and toxin waste out of the body, it also helps in improving the breathing process or the rate of breathing.

 Pitta and its importance :

Pitta is the most important source of energy or the essential element of life required for survival. It helps to controls various metabolic activities as well as it helps in digestion but the most important thing it is essential source required for the energy production in the body. It has various usefulness and is essential need for many activities of a human being.

Kapha and its importance :

Kapha is generally concerned with all the structure of the body, It helps to hold the cells of the body together leading them to form fat, bone and muscle. It Helps to control weight and growth. It is effective in building stamina but when it present in excessive manner it too has various side effects.

In ancient time medicines where prepared from the plants or the leaves of the plants and used to be useful to cure the disease. Ayurveda heals the body through nature using natural resources and hence it doesn’t have any side effects and the disease is cured from the depth of its root. It helps to provide the body with various essential elements of nutrients or supplements like vitamins, proteins etc that we get from various plants or other natural resources like for example Haldi has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to cure various disease with no side effects.

Ayurvedic remedies are considered to be very safe as they are natural and herbal in nature. The demand of ayurvedic medicine has been growing fastly throughout the world. Ayurveda helps to bring the body function in normal conditions through various techniques which include advice on your diet and regular activities, through herbal preparations or through purification techniques like Yoga.

Using Ayurvedic Medicine in your day to day life helps you to maintain the co- ordination or a balance between the mind, physical and emotional strength of our body. It helps in detoxification and focuses on removal of toxic substance out of your body. The most commonly used ayurvedic herbs are haldi, tulsi, ajwain, Ashwagandha etc.  Ayurvedic Medicines are non- toxic as they are prepared through natural herbs or through natural resources they have no side effects