Blog# 9: What Makes an Ayurvedic Medicine Different from other ? And y do it takes time to cure?

11 Apr, 2019 Post by admin

We all are hearing it on various pages, social media and other mediums that Ayurvedic Medicine is 100% safe and has no side effects!!!! What Makes an Ayurvedic Medicine Different from other ? And y do it takes time to cure? Todays Post is about this topic let us just have a view of the world of Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Medicine, In Early Stages during Vedhiyas when there where no medicine like today's world. People too were cured know a question arises how did they used to cured?? My friends in ancient times various vaidhyas with the help of natural plants and herbs used to prepare a medicine to cure various problems eg:- Tulsi Leaf, Haldi were some of the most used herbs. They act as Anti- inflammatory too. They dont just help to cure your body but many medicine herb provide your body with essential strength required to strength your immune and resist the disease. While improving the strength it takes a certain period of time hence they take time to cure but provide you with permanent solution to your disease!!! They help you to cure naturally with ayurvedic medication it is essential to do yoga that helps you to cure faster.. Hence its an natural curing agent and hence many people in this world now together support Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Medicine as they are safer and chemical free and can be consumed from children to adult of any age!!!! For more queries you can comment down. And stay tune with us follow us on our page "Ayurvedic Healing" for more knowledge on Ayurveda.

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